Welcome Page


My partner and I would like to welcome you to our sight , we have been enjoying viewing the sky for many years and imaging for three years. Over that time our expertise is slowly improving, as is our knowledge and love for all we see.

When we began I started with a 2 inch very simple scope for looking at the moon and stars. I then moved to a 4 inch Newtonian, and we began taking images with a film camera. We were then lucky enough to find the Orion GX250 for sale and started imaging using a phillips webcam. From here we bought the MX916 and expanded our imaging to include deepspace objects. At present we are using a Celestron C6 on an EQ6 mount, and trying to learn about guiding, so we can take longer images and get some of the fainter nebulae and Galaxies. Now adays we are still using the C6 but on an NEQ6 using a double dovetail with a WOZ72mm for a guide scope and a co-star as a guide camera.

I am particularly interested in imaging Arps, things which are growing and developing over time, changing by forces unseen by us, but able to be imaged. My other interest is spectroscopy, as we can earn so much about the stars.