NLO Spectroscopy Group

There are two projects being undertaken by members currently.
The first relates to work by Sir Norman and other NLO astronomers. Each year there are special projects which come out to look at stars which are under going change. While we will still participate in these I thought it would also be good if we had our own project which followed up on the work Sir Norman and the other astronomers who worked at the NLO carried out.
To that end I have been through the list of glass plates and chosen stars which they focused on and for which we have a range of spectra to compare ours to. I have divided them into two lists;
  1. Spring/Summer:

    • alpha lyrae,
    • Alpha Cygni,
    • Delta Sco,
    • Pi Aqr,
    • Delta Cyg,
    • Upsilon Cyg,
    • Kappa Dra,
    • Alpha Boo,
    • Beta U ma,
    • Eta U Ma,
    • Theta CrB,
    • rho cyg,
    • iota Her,
  2. Autumn/Winter:

    • gamma cas,
    • delta cas,
    • zeta Tauri,
    • eta tauri,
    • alpha auriga,
    • beta auriga,
    • alpha cas,
    • omicron cet,
    • alpha CMa,
    • beta CMa,
    • alpha CMi,
    • beta CMi,
    • alpha Ori,
    • Beta Ori,
    • gamma Ori,
    • rho pis,
    • chi per,
    • HD20336 Camelopardalis.
    Some of the stars have already got 50 years of spectra to compare ours to others only have twity years, but they were all stars they focused on. (There are many other glass plates of others stars so if you have a particular star you are interested in I'm happy to add it to the list)
    The second project is looking at the red shift of galaxies. More information will follow about this project.