Over the years the equipment I've used has changed as I found the objects I was most interested in images. Although I still image and draw planets and the moon, I am very interested in merging galaxies which you'll find on the Arp page. The other topic I'm interested in is spectroscopy.

tascoThis was my first telescope which I owned in the UK, without motors,
but it still gave good images of planets and the moon.
LPIwebcamThese were the first cameras I started using.
I mainly imaged planets and the moon with these.
CanondomeMy DSLR I used for widefield images and my first
attempt at imaging a deep space object - M42, along with the
Orion ten inch telescope.
MountguidescopeWith my C6 and guidescope I began imaging Arps -
merging galaxies.. My camera at first was a starlight
MX916, then I moved up to a starlight H9, with a
co-star camera for guiding.
This is my current roll off roof observatory, sitting in the
middle of the vegetable patch.
I use this set up for imaging the spectra of stars, it is a C9.25,
with an atik camera for the main camera and the co-star for
off-axis guiding. Both are attached to an alpy spectroscope.